On-site or Distance Education

Students have two options for training — on-site or distance education.

On-site Learning

Taught at the ICHA, Gilman Studio, Port Townsend, WA
It is recommended the student spend as much time as possible with the faculty attending normally scheduled classes and workshops. Students will get periodic verbal feedback in the teaching process. It also recommended the student keep a journal of practice, insights and questions. The faculty is available to help the interested student attain their goal.

Distance Learning

The entire course including application, lessons, study aids, questions, and certification can be accomplished using the internet, videos and DVDs, books, and other printed material (see Class Materials).

Evaluations will be accomplished through personal videotape that the student provides the Director. It is the student’s responsibility to recruit a partner to demonstrate the applications in the Tai Chi Chuan training. The student may send periodic videotapes for faculty comment. The faculty agrees to be available for phone conversation, email, or written questions.

Learning Pace

We recognize that everyone learns differently. The faculty makes recommendations to help the student learn the material and provides the resources the student has chosen to use (see Class Materials). The faculty is available for feedback and evaluation through private sessions or video review throughout the learning process.