Teacher’s Training Overview

Training instructors for careers in the healing arts

Our mission is to train teachers for careers in the Healing Arts. Like the apprenticeship system of olden days, interested individuals can learn the specific skills necessary from close contact with the Instructor or Master, without having to lose focus studying areas not related to the area of training.

Courses are offered through the International Center for the Healing Arts.

The International Center for the Healing Arts
Founded and directed by Michael Gilman, ICHA is an institution of higher learning for people who wish to pursue an education in the healing arts for self-enhancement or in preparation for a rewarding career in this growing and important field.

The mission of ICHA is to support self-motivated individuals in pursuing their own interests, to honor people outstanding in their fields through certification programs, to train practitioners and teachers in the healing arts, and to raise the level of awareness of alternative and complementary healing modalities in the community and worldwide.

Curriculums have been designed to aid students in self paced study in the fields of Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Ting Fa Theraputic Approach, Massage, Chinese Natural Medicine, Herbology, Nutrition, Meditation, and other related subjects.

ICHA offers an annual teacher’s symposium to support continuing education, growth, & sharing of ideas. Anyone who has been through the program and who has received a Certificate of Completion or Teacher’s Certification is welcome to attend.

The International Center for the Healing Arts
At The Gilman Studio
P.O. Box 431
Port Townsend, WA 98368
For more information, contact Michael Gilman or call the studio at (360) 385-5027.