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Instructional DVDs, Books, CDs, and More!

Welcome to the Gilman Studio of Tai Chi Chuan StoreFront. It is our desire to provide you with the best instructional information at the best prices, in a user friendly format. All DVDs are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

The Store is only offering material in DVD format. If you really want the material in VHS, please contact me through the web site and I'll do my best to make it happen for you.

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Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Short Form Master Course-10 DVD set
This is a condensed version of the traditional Yang Style Long Form as taught by the Choy Family. It contains 34 movements, and covers all the essential energies and movements in the same sequence as the Long form, but eliminating most of the repeats and the more difficult foot kicks and balance moves.

This 10-disk set teaches each move slowly and thoroughly, showing the essential energies involved, applications, principles, and everything you will need to master this short form. A great stand alone six-minute form, or as a beginning step to learning the Long form. Produced for television in 2009.

Yang Style Long Form Master Course
10-4 Hr. DVD set

The ulitmate home study course for Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi. Michael has spent almost 4 decades studying and 32 years teaching this form. There has never been a more complete, easy to learn presentation of the form. There are 39 - one hour lessons. Each lesson is complete with warm ups, chi kung exercises, form study with applications, and reviews. Also covers history, philosophy, special exerices, and more. If you have ever wanted to learn the Yang Style Long Form, this is the set for you. Also an excellent resource for teachers by a Master Instructor.

The Ultimate Reference Series for the Yang Style Long Form
2-2 Hr. DVD set

This series of four one hour lessons was produced in 2007. The lessons cover four important principles for working with the internal energy aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. Firstly, the principle is introduced, and explained in detail. Secondly, the entire Long Form is shown with attention to this specific principle. 1) Feet. How to gather energy into the inside of the foot and release it from the heel. Essential for balance and chi/energy awareness. 2) Kua or Hips. Gathering and releasing energy from the hip area and integrating this with the feet and waist. Improved performance in all aspects of form, push hands, and any movement. 3) Torso and Eyes. Correct torso alignment during all aspects of each movement – start or yin, middle or balanced, and final or yang. Also, shows how the eyes affect the energy - the yin/yang of the eyes. 4) Hands. The many different types of hand postures are explained, and this knowledge is integrated into the form.

Playing the Form
3 hr. DVD set

An in depth look at the Yang Long Form done in a unique fashion. Each movement is taken apart into its most basic energetic pieces and "played with" to bring deeper understanding of how the form is constructed. This also is a fantastic way to increase the chi, and build aerobic capacity. This DVD is fun! This DVD is included in the Master Course 10 DVD set.

Inner Journey
1 hr. DVD

This one hour DVD covers the same four important internal aspects as the Ultimate Reference Series. The difference is that this DVD uses only one movement to illustrate how these principles are integrated into one’s practice.

NEW! Inner Secrets
1 hr. DVD

This one-hour video covers many of the important internal aspects of Tai Chi mastery. Touching on many of Michael’s unique ways of looking at the form, this DVD mostly focuses on the deepest internal system – that of the three dantiens. Dantiens are reservoirs for energy, with each of the dantiens responsible for a different density of internal energy. Each movement of Tai Chi Chuan is dependent upon the interaction of the dantiens and the appropriate movement of energy between them. This information is then demonstrated and explained using several moves to illustrate how to make your practice reach much deeper levels.

Long Form Changes, Modifications, Clarifications 2007

This video teaches all the changes, modifications, and clarifications for the Long Form as of the summer of 2007. The original TV and web course was taught from 2002 to 2004, so there are many aspects that have needed to be updated. The entire form is shown with the changes explained, with applications, as they arise.

Complete Yang Style Long Form Applications
4 - 60 Minute DVDs

This four part series is one of the most complete explanations and illustrations of the applications and guiding principles for the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Each movement is first shown solo, then at least one or more applications are demonstrated, and then the movment is shown again solo for integration of form and principle. A very complete series of videos and extremely important for students to clarify intention and master the form.

Yang Style San Shou (Partner Form, 88 Form) Four - One Hour DVD's
Enhance your Tai Chi knowledge and skills. A very special 4 hour DVD series that teaches the San Shou in great detail. See why this is the "King" of Tai Chi Chuan forms. This partner exercise, also know as Application Form or Fighting Form, can also be practiced as a solo form with excellent results. Produced for television.

Yang Style Long Form Reference
Michael Gilman, 6th generation in the Yang Style tradition, shares the 108 movement form as passed to him by Master Choy Kam Man. The form is first shown from the rear for timing and transitions. It is then shown from the front and broken down into little pieces for exactness of details. Essential as a reference for the online course or for students of the Yang style.60 minutes produced for television.

Yang Style Short Form Reference
A special 34 movement short form of the traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. This form contains all the basic principles and essential movements in a short, 6 minute form. Included are applications for all the movements. 60 minutes produced for television.

Tai Chi Saber Form
The Yang Style Tai Chi Saber 39 Movement Form is taught in detail, including an explanation of the structure of the saber, all movments including applications, and partner exercises. You can learn the form from this video. Produced for television. 60 minutes

Duei La
This is an exploration of the deepest secrets of the Internal Art of Tai Chi Chuan. Each movement has many internal aspects that produce, channel, and balance internal energy. This video demonstrates and teaches how to work with the principle of Duei La, or internal balance. This is essential for mastering the art. 60 minutes produced for television.

Yang Style Saber Application Form
A little known, seldom taught two person saber form that explains applications in a simple and fun way. Also makes a good solo form that is especially useful for demonstrations. 60 min.produced for television.

Push Hands Vol.1 and 2 Package
Tai Chi Push Hands principles taught by a Grand Champion competitor. Everything you need to know to play Push Hands and gain maximum enjoyment. Two Hands, fixed and moving, as well as Four Hands, fixed and moving. Also taught are various changes and self defense applications. Two 60 Minute DVDs.

Partner Cane
A useful, short two person form that explains the use of a short stick or cane. 60 min. produced for television.

Complete Leg Technique
One of the most valuable videos for all students and teachers of the Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan This video covers all the stances, all the kicks, all the stepping techniques, as well as uses for the knee, stomps, sweeps, traps, and more. This video puts it all in one place for your reference.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung for the Internal Organs
The Five Major Organs - Liver, Heart, Stomach/Spleen, Lungs, and Kidneys - are cleansed and strengthened using breath and guided imagery. This healing exercise is best practiced on a seasonal basis. Easy to follow for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Eight Essential Energy Tai Chi Chi Kung
Tai Chi Chi Kung combines Tai Chi postures wiith Chi Kung focus. Examine the "eight essential energies - peng, lu, ghee, an, tsai, lieh, jou, kao" from the inside out. Very beneficial for both Tai Chi players and people just interested in healthy, meditative exercise. This is Michael's own unique examination of this traditional practice. 60 minutes, produced for television.

An incredible new form of Chi Kung/exercise designed by Michael Gilman. One of the most effective and fun systems for developing and moving chi through the entire body. Easy to learn and practice, ChiCycling requires no equipment and takes very little room. This is going to be a very popular exercise. Instructor trainings coming soon.60 minutes, produced for television.

Guan Gong Frolics
Another fantastic video in the special series of Chi Kung exercises Michael Gilman has developed with emphasis on chi circulation and Tai Chi performance. This exercise uses mind directed intention combined with simple movements to increase the interaction of the center with the rest of the body, especially the Lao Kung points in the center of the hands. One of the best exercises to increase Tai Chi form satisfaction.60 minutes, produced for television

Five Animal Frolics
An ancient form of Chi Kung, probably having strong influence on the development of Tai Chi Chuan. These easy to do, fun to practice movements are very complete for physical conditioning and internal health and well being. Especially valuable for the internal organs. Michael takes you through and explains these Five Animals in a simple easy to learn way. 60 minutes, produced for television

Opening the Gates Chi Kung - Vol. 1 and 2 Package
Both Opening the Gates Chi Kung volumes in the system that was produced for a television series on Chi Kung. The perfect exercise developed by Michael Gilman, combining Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and traditional exercise. Opens all the joints, exercises all the ligaments and tendons, strengthens the entire body, and builds body/mind connection. Tension is released allowing the free flow of chi or energy. Two - 60 minute DVDs produced for television.

Holding the Ball
An incredibly powerful set designed to strengthen the entire body, with special emphasis on connecting the Dantien (center) with the arms. Easy to do, this set is practiced by working with an imaginary ball. Especially beneficial for Tai Chi players. 60 min. produced for television.

Yi Jin Jing
One of the oldest continuously practiced forms of Chi Kung was introduced from India by Boddhidarma to the Sholin Temple. It is also called tendon and muscle stretching and strengthening. These exercises are so important in our present day to counteract the tension in the connective tissues due to sitting and computer usage. Michael adds his own unique insights to this ancient system. 60 minutes, produced for television.

Ba Duan Jing - Eight Pieces of Brocade
The classic Chi Kung Exercise as taught by Michael Gilman. Eight essential exercises designed to be a complete, basic set of energy enhansing movements that are easy to learn and practice. 60 minutes produced for television.

Circling - Incredible Tai Chi Exercise
A complete 60 minute workout using the circling movements of Tai Chi. Improve circulation, flexibilty, strength, body integration, and understanding of Tai Chi form and principles. No Tai Chi experience needed.

Other Topics
Sticks and Stones

A unique and fun workout using easily found objects to enhance the benefits of exercise.60 min. produced for television.

Tai Chi Massage
Tai Chi Massage. This is a complete 7 hour lesson series. The philosophy is explained and the moves are taught. This series can be purchased even if a person is not enrolled in the Tai Chi Massage Teacher's Training course.


108 Insights into Tai Chi Chuan
One of the most popular books on Tai Chi. A friendly collection of observations, advice, and insights to help you refine your Tai Chi Chuan practise.

101 Reflections on Tai Chi Cuan
Chock-full of insights, advice, and observations from a long time teacher and champion. Discover the remarkable health and spiritual benefits of Tai Chi.


Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Long Form
The world's most complete Yang Style Long Form course on CD. Contains hundreds of photos, and hundreds of pages of written details in PDF format.This is not a video. It is a very complete book on Tai Chi Chuan. If you want a video, go to the Long Form Reference DVD.


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