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First Saturday Workshop - Feb 4, 2017
Yang Saber
Starting on February 4, and continuing for several months thereafter, we will be focusing on the traditional 39 movement Yang Saber form. It is my favorite weapon form and is not difficult, as most of the movements are the same as the Yang solo form, but with a saber, which teaches one to extend the chi outside the body. After learning this form, one's solo form is usually more expressive and extended.

The workshop is from 1 to 4 PM at The Gilman Studio in Port Townsend. There is a fee of $30. You can just show up. If needed, we will make every attempt to add practice sessions during the month. This will be decided at the first meeting.

There is lots of supporting instruction for this form, including my free online class here at the web site, and an excellent video on YouTube, or at the online store.

Web site: HomeWork Design.com