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Teacher's Training

Current Courses
There are many areas in the Healing Arts in which Certifications and teachers training are now, or will be soon, offered.

Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style 108 Long Form Teacher's Training
Yang Style Short Form Teachers Training
Advanced Certification Trainings in:
• Weapons (including Saber, Partner Saber, Sword, Partner Sword, Spear, Cane)
• Tui Shou (Push Hands)
• San Shou (Partner Form)
Chi Kung Certification Training (includes the following trainings)
Opening the Gates Teachers Training (can be taken separately)
Standing Postures (Zhan Zhuang)
Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jing)
Tendon Stretching (Yi Jin Jing)
Holding the Ball
Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Ssu Jing)
Spiraling Energy (Hun Yuan Gong)
Ting Fa Theraputic Approach
Certification Level
Practitioner Level
Teachers Level
Teacher's Training:
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Current Courses:
Yang Style 108 Long Form
Ting Fa
Chi Kung