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Teacher's Training

Chi Kung Certification Training

Course Overview
The following resources are available to the student and recommended for completion of each section:
The International Center for the Healing Arts offers a variety of Chi Kung courses, encompassing active and passive forms, civil (health & sports related), martial and spiritual practices, and Chi Kung exercises that combine the above categories for an over-all tonic and sense of well-being. The student chooses the course of study from the curriculum list and may study the curriculum at his or her own pace. A progress-tracking sheet will be kept by the faculty and will be available for student review upon request. (see Curriculum & Course Materials)

The following resources are available to the student: (1) a personal introductory session with the Director, either on an individual basis or in a quarterly introductory workshop. (2) instructional videotapes or DVD’s (3) periodic workshops on subjects supportive of the curriculum (4) private instruction with the Director or faculty (5) a recommended reading list (6) study questions designed to help focus on pertinent information (5) evaluation by the faculty at the completion of each Chi Kung (6) a Master certification review by the Director.

On-Site students: It is recommended the student spend as much time as possible with the faculty attending normally scheduled classes and workshops. Students will get periodic verbal feedback in the teaching process. It is also recommended the student keep a journal of practice, insights, and questions. Upon completion of each Chi Kung practice, the student should be able to demonstrate the external form, explain the internal aspects, and answer basic questions about the history, structure, and purpose of the practice. The written study questions will be submitted for faculty review and the required reading list be completed prior to certification in any of the Chi Kung practices.

Long-distance students: The physical evaluations may be accomplished through personal video tape that the student provides the Director. Interviews may be accomplished via e-mail or telephone. The students will submit the written study questions & complete the required reading prior to certification in any of the Chi Kung practices.

The International Center for the Healing Arts offers an annual teacher’s symposium to support continuing education, growth, & sharing of ideas. Anyone who has been through the program and who has received a Certificate of Completion, a Master’s Certificate or Teacher’s Certification is welcome to attend.
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