December 31, 2007

Greetings. Please look over the workshop schedule. All three-hour workshops are $30, and are held at the Gilman Studio. If there seems to be any weather problems, please call to make sure the workshop is still happening. I will be adding another of the essential elements for the Inner Journey in a newsletter coming out this week. I am also repeating this very popular workshop. As I move deeper into this study, my Tai Chi practice becomes ever more pleasurable. Don’t miss this one. All workshops are held at The Gilman Studio.

Saturday Workshops
Cost: $30

This winter of 2008, I will be presenting three special workshops, besides the "first Saturday of the month" push hands. Each will be three hours, from 1 to 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon. For a full day of practice, come join us in Chetzemoka Park first. All workshops are $30 for the three hours.

Push Hands - Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 2 - All welcome
We continue to explore the fine art of Tui Shou or Push Hands. All levels welcome. Do not be afraid to play with others, in a Tai Chi context, for a much deeper understanding of all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.
1) Yang Style Applications
January 19, 2008  1-4 pm     Cost: $30
This is an opportunity to explore applications for Yang style Tai Chi, in a safe, supportive environment. Knowing the applications for each movement of the form is the only way to truly master the Tai Chi form. Every internal aspect is dependant upon the applications. Get clear on what you are doing and why. All levels and styles welcome.
2) The Inner Journey
February 16, 2008  1-4 pm     Cost: $30
The Inner Journey focuses on the internal, structural elements that are essential for mastery of the Tai Chi form. Each part of the body has specific requirements that relate to Yin and Yang - opening and closing, gathering and releasing, expansion and contraction, etc. Each will be explained and played with until full understanding is achieved. All levels and styles are welcome. If you attended the first Inner Journey workshop, more has been added and we will be looking in even greater detail.
3) Chan Ssu Jin
March 15, 2008  1-4 pm     Cost: $30
Chan Ssu Jin, or silk reeling energy, is a form of energy expression that is fairly unique to Tai Chi. Energy, as it moves from ground to hands, moves in a spiral fashion. It resembles a screw, as opposed to a nail. This workshop will teach, in fine detail, how to work with this principle to open the joints and integrate the structure. It is fun, healthful, and useful. Open to all levels and all styles.

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