November 25, 2004

Warmest Greetings! I am so excited and happy about how well the P.T. University of the Healing Arts is coming together. My dream of helping people find their lifeís work and gain the confidence to move in that direction is being realized. The first group to learn the Energetic Releasing Technique did such a great job. The Tai Chi Teachers Training is starting in a couple of short months. Please read on to find out the details of what is coming in the next few months. We bid a fond farewell to Madame Gao Fu, one of the good friends of the Gilman Studio, and a person I regard as one of my greatest teachers. She has left Seattle to return to China. Gao Fu was at all of the Retreats (seven), and everyone who ever had contact with her was touched to the core. I wish her good health and happiness, and a long life. Our loss is Beijingís gain.

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings
1) Push Hands Series ñ First Sat. of the Month, except Jan 1
2) Basic Tai Chi and Chi Kung Principles ñ January 15
3) Open the Gates Chi Kung Teachers Certification Training ñ March 12, 13
4) Energetic Releasing Technique Certification Training ñ April 22, 23, 24, 30, May 1
5) Tai Chi Chuan Teachers Certification Training ñ Starts anytime after Jan. 2005

Special Tui Shou (Push Hands) Series
Tai Chi without Push Hands is like owning a precious container that has a hole in the bottom. It might look good from the outside, but put something in it and it will all leak out. Push Hands is an essential element of practice and should not be left out.

Sat. Jan. 8, 2005, 1 to 4 pm. I am offering a chance to learn and experience Push Hands from the most basic to the most complex in a four part series of workshops. Part one is what is known as two hands - each player uses one hand. The exercises teach sensitivity, sticking, correct positioning, changes, and philosophy.
Sat. Feb. 5, 1 to 4 pm. The second in the series focuses on four hands ñ each player uses two hands. Here the study is on the basic energies of ward off, roll back, press, and push. How they work together and oppose each other. The basic form is taught with changes.
Sat. March 5, 1 to 4 pm. The third class focuses on adding moving steps to the basic two and four hands exercises.
Sat. April 2, 1 to 4 pm. The last in the series focuses on Da Lu or Large Roll Back. Here there is movement and we add the four supporting energies of pull down, split, elbow, and shoulder.

The cost is $30 per class or $100 for the entire series. There are reference videos to compliment this series.

Basic Tai Chi and Chi Kung Principles ñ Jan 15, 1 to 4 pm Free

This workshop focuses on what I feel, after 32 years of teaching, are the essential elements for understanding Tai Chi and Chi Kung. We will examine how these two arts are related, and also how they are different. This is a great introduction or clarification on these subjects. It is a must for those enrolled in the Teachers Training program.

Open the Gates Chi Kung Teachers Certification Training ñ March 12 and 13
Open the Gates is my most popular class and appeals to the broadest audience. It was developed over a long period and I feel it has much to offer the health conscious person. Many people have asked me if they could teach this work and now I offer a workshop that leads to teaching if the student so desires, or it can be taken to really gain the most benefit from the practice of OtG.

This class is great for teachers in any health field who want to expand their offerings, or for people who want to start or add to a new career. There are reference video tapes or DVDís available to make the teaching easier.

The fee is $150.00 for two full days. 12 hours CEU credit.

Energetic Releasing Technique Certification Training ñ April 22,23,24,30 &May 1
I have been teaching this work for about 25 years and am always amazed how effective it is. At one time I called it the Enlightenment Process because most sessions end with such a deep integration of mind and body that the body disappears, as it does in enlightenment. The system is not difficult to learn and continues to grow and deepen as the practitioner gains experience. It is a wonderful career or adjunct to another practice.

Make your plan to attend now and let me know as space is limited. For more details, check out my web site.

$300.00 with reference videos or DVDís available to make learning more complete.

Tai Chi Chuan Teachers Certification Training ñ Starts after Jan. 2005
This is the crown jewel of my work, the culmination of over 32 years of teaching and training teachers. It is my strongest desire to see more Tai Chi instructors out there helping people to change their lives through this fantastic practice.

This course is the most complete I know of, with so many teaching aids that anyone with a strong desire to learn and teach Tai Chi will surely accomplish his or her goal. It is available to people over a distance. I am already teaching people all over the world via internet and video, so now it is possible to gain all the knowledge necessary to be able to teach without actually coming to Port Townsend. It is highly recommended that a teacher candidate spend time with me or the staff, but not being able to will not stop someone from gaining a teachers certification. Each student will determine his or her own pace for working through the material. I would think that someone with some experience could go through it all in as little as a yearís time.

The exact details will be posted at my web site. The syllabus will be listed as well as the process for applying.

Best Wishes,

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