October 6, 2004

Warmest Greetings! Welcome to the newly designed Gilman Studio Newsletter, an integral part of our newly designed web site – www.gilmanstudio.com. I am so proud and satisfied with the wonderful work done by Glenn and Nita at Homeworkdesign.com. They have managed to put all of the varied parts that make up the work I do into a form that is easy to access. If you haven’t visited my site in the last few weeks, please do so. I welcome your questions and comments.

New Free Online Course
Application for Fist Under Elbow
Recently I have added the 34 Movement Yang Style Short Form. This is a distillation of the Long Form, meaning it is in the same order, yet many of the more difficult balance moves have been taken out, as have most of the repeats. This is good for practice when time is limited, and/or in a limited space. This form is also good for demonstrations, as it takes about 6 minutes to perform. As with all my online lessons, applications are shown for clarity and intention. There is a good reference video to accompany this course. If you already know the Long Form, it will take a very short time to integrate the changes to learn this form.

This course joins my other free online classes: Yang Style Long Form, Yang
Style Saber or Broadsword, Saber Applications Form, and Two Person Cane or Short Stick Form.

I will be adding another new class soon so keep a look out for it.

Port Townsend University of the Healing Arts
I am happy to announce the first certification training being taught through the PTUHA. It is in Opening the Gates – Energetic Releasing Technique, based primarily upon the psychophysical integrative technique taught to me by Dr. Milton Trager. This technique was developed to help the student/client rid himself of tension and holding that restricts the natural flow of energy. It is the most complete system of touch therapy I know, simple to learn, and in complete philosophical agreement with Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

I founded the PTUHA many years ago with the idea of helping people to gain certification in arts, like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Massage, and other subjects, so that one could earn a living and practice Right Livelihood while doing something that brings them health and happiness. You will be hearing more about this project as it evolves and grows.

This training is Nov. 12, 13, 14, 20 and 21, 2004. The cost is $300. There is a complete set of teaching videos available to accompany this course. Please check the web site for further details or contact me.

International Society of Tai Chi Chuan Instructors
Logo for The Society
This was an idea of mine - to help Tai Chi instructors share information, techniques, solve problems, and generally help each other to further their own skills. The Society is a reality with instructors from China, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. as members. We are growing with no end in sight. If you are an instructor of Tai Chi or know of a well qualified person, please contact me.

The Society has started a book, CD, DVD and video review process. If warranted, the Society awards a “Highly Recommended by The Society of Tai Chi Chuan Instructors” seal to be placed on the book or video. If you have produced a product and would like it reviewed, please send a copy to Michael at P.O. Box 431, Port Townsend, WA. 98368.

Energetic Retreat
The 2004 Chi Kung Festival is now history. We had the largest turn out in our 7 years of putting on this event, and it was a great time. I’m sorry to say it was Madame Gao Fu’s last retreat as she is headed back to China. We have been so fortunate to have had her expertise at every retreat. It won’t be the same without her loving, smiling presence.

We did make a new friend, Grand Master Bao Ren Wang. He is a teacher of the Wu Dang School, and blew us all away with his fantastic energy and open teaching style. I’m sure he will be with us again.

The tentative plan for next Labor Day Retreat is to focus on Tai Chi Sword. This is a great study, and the four day intensive allows teaching the Traditional Long Sword form and/or the Sword Sparring Set by Sam Masich. So put it down on next year’s calendar. We might even have a comparison of the various sword styles to discover what the most important principles are.

Odds and Ends
Push Hands workshops continue the first Saturday of each month. You’ll never progress beyond a certain point with out Push Hands knowledge and you can’t theorize about what Push Hands is. One must practice. The Studio offers a safe, supportive, learning environment. Don’t be afraid of starting. Just do it.

I’m in the planning stage for the return of the Push Hands Benefit Play Day in early spring. The first one, a couple of years ago was a fantastic success and fun for all. It is a great opportunity for beginners and expert to get together and push for fun and prizes. I’ll let you know more as a time firms up.

Special thanks to Rex and Stephie for their continued teaching under the umbrella of the Studio. Both are fantastic individuals and teachers. Please take advantage of their openness, and commitment.

Best Wishes,

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