September 24 , 2007

Greetings. I am offering some important, interesting, and fun workshops in the coming months. Please look them over and plan ahead. All workshops are held at The Gilman Studio.

Push Hands - First Sat. of the Month
First Sat.of the Month, 1-4 pm   Cost: $30

Tui Shou or Push Hands is an essential part of Tai Chi training. Each month we get together to play and learn. You can only understand Push Hands by doing.  No workshop in Oct. Next will be Nov. 3, Dec. 1, Jan.5.

Partner Cane
Sat. October 13, 2007  9-12 and 1-4 pm  
$50. Includes a free DVD on Partner Cane

This short, partner form (also can be practiced as a solo form) is a simple, effective weapon form that has great practical, as well as, physical benefits. The cane is the one weapon one can leagally carry at all times. The form is fun to learn and practice. Everyone is welcome - no prior experience is necessary.

Inner Journey
Sat. November 17, 2007  1-4 pm     Cost: $30

The Inner Journey focuses on the internal, structural elements that are essential for mastery of the Tai Chi form. Each part of the body has specific requirements that relate to Yin and Yang - opening and closing, gathering and releasing, expansion and contraction, etc. Each will be explained and played with until full understanding is achieved. All levels and styles are welcome.

Chan Ssu Jin
Sat. December 15, 2007  1-4 pm     Cost: $30

Chan Ssu Jin, or silk reeling energy, is a form of energy expression that is fairly unique to Tai Chi. Energy, as it moves from ground to hands, moves in a spiral fashion. It resembles a screw, as opposed to a nail. This worshop will teach, in fine detail, how to work with this principle to open the joints and integrate the structure. It is fun, healthful, and useful. Open to all levels and all styles.

Yang Style Applications
Sat. January 19, 2007  1-4 pm     Cost: $30

This is an opportunity to throughly explore the applications for Yang style Tai Chi. Knowing the applications for each movement is the only way to truly master the Tai Chi form. Every internal aspect is dependant upon the applications. Get clear on what you are doing and why. All levels and styles welcome.

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