September 13 , 2005

Greetings. I hope this newsletter doesn’t overwhelm you. There is just so much going on right now, and I want to keep you informed about the upcoming, special events. Please take a few minutes to read this, and I hope to see you soon.

Energetic Retreat 2005
We had one of our most mellow and successful retreats over Labor Day. The weather was fine for all our outdoor activities, but a bit cool for all but the hardiest swimmers. I want to thank all the instructors. It was busy with classes doubled up, yet I feel most participants had a chance to work with all the instructors. It was a wonderful experience to meet and learn from Master Hoy from Vancouver. His art, called Sum Yi, evolved from the Wu style. His push hands exhibited great strength hidden in his very rounded softness. I’m sure we will welcome him back in the future.

I’m headed to Mexico in November, partly to scout out a place for a winter retreat and, just maybe, I'll have a margarita. I’ll keep you informed.

Yang Style Master Course on DVD
I am so happy to announce the release of the Yang Style Long Form course on ten – 4 hour DVDs. 39 one hour lessons, containing all the information, and more, that is included in my studio classes. Each lesson contains warm ups, chi kung exercises, form study including applications, plus history, philosophy and more

This series is the culmination of over 32 years of full time teaching. I’m sure there has never been a more complete teaching on video. This is a set that anyone could learn from in their own home. It was produced for television and has shown continuously for the past three years.

The cost is only $250 which breaks down to $25 for a 4 hour DVD! Just think how much you would have to pay to attend studio classes long enough to learn the long form. I also think this is a great resource for people who already know the form, and especially for teachers who want to add to their class presentations. This set can be purchased at the store at

Workshop Schedule
This is a brief rundown on upcoming workshops. More details will be sent out closer to the actual date.

Push Hands – First Sat. of each month from 1 – 4 pm. Cost $30 or $25 for current students of the studio. Oct 1, Nov 5, and Dec 3.

Open the Gates Training (Plus Certification level) – Oct 14 & 15 from 10 till 4 pm. Oct 14 is for learning the system and can be taken alone. Oct 15 is for teacher certification. $50 for Oct 14 or $125 for both days.

Hunyun Gong with Stephanie Morrell –
Oct 22 and 23 from 1 – 4pm. Cost is $30 each day. The 22nd is for learning the system and can be taken alone. The 23rd is learning to apply this to the Tai Chi Form.

Sound Chi Kung with Susan Skadron -
Nov 12 from 1 to 4 pm. The workshop fee is only $30. This was a big hit at the retreat. It is different than Healing Sounds even though it produces healing. It is a system she has developed combining Tai Chi and Tai Chi like movements with sound. It is great.

Partner Cane Form – Dec 10 and 11 from 10 till 4 pm. The workshop fee is $100. We will learn and practice this super fun and useful form. All welcome.

Best Wishes,

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