July 30 , 2007

Greetings. Just a short reminder of the upcoming workshops for the month of August. All are welcome. Workshops are held at the Studio. Visit the Gilman Studio Website now for more information on weekly classes.

Push Hands - Tui Shou
Sat. Aug. 4th, 2007 1-4 pm – Gilman Studio

The fine art of Push Hands is explored the first Saturday of each month. There is no better way to increase your skills and enjoyment of Tai Chi then to share inner learning with others. Single hand, double hand, fixed and walking step, are all practiced. Students must have finished at least the first section of the Long Form or a shorter form

Chan Ssu Jin - Silk Reeling
Sat. Aug 11th, 2007  1-4 pm – Gilman Studio
This is a practice unique to Tai Chi. It covers one of the most basic and interesting Jins, or expressions of energy, namely Silk Reeling Energy. This practice harmonizes the body, opens the joints, and explains the yin and yang aspects of Tai Chi movement. We will work with solo as well as partner exercises. It is a great way to strengthen the lower dantien and harmonize the three dantiens. Open to all styles and levels.
Inner Journey
Sat. Aug. 25th, 2007  1-4 pm – Gilman Studio
We will strengthen our connection to the internal principles that make Tai Chi such a powerful exercise. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the yin and yang, open and close, gather and release, empty and full elements of the Tai Chi form. The principles apply to all forms, but we will focus on the Yang Style. All levels welcome.

For more information, please contact me at michael@gilmanstudio.com.

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