July 12 , 2005

Just a short notice of an upcoming workshop and the Energetic Retreat

Special Duei La Workshop
Saturday July 16, 1-4pm at The Gilman Studio.

Duei La is the study of the internal aspects of balance on a physical and energetic plane. Without this knowledge and application of this learning, the Tai Chi form remains an external exercise.

The principles for understanding internal counterbalance of energy are simple, yet most of the true learning happens when we use a partner to aid our study. This workshop will provide the information and space to take your Tai Chi practice to a new level.

Workshop Fee: The cost is $30. You can just show up!

Iím presently writing a book about Duei La and have produced what I feel is an essential video on the subject. Please go to The Gilman Studio Store to order the VHS or DVD. You wonít be disappointed.

8th Annual Energetic Retreat at Lake Crescent
Friday-Monday, September 2-4, 2005

A reminder to make your plans to attend the 8th Annual Energetic Retreat in one of the most beautiful spots anywhere. We will have plenty of time to practice what we know, work on partner forms and exercises, gain new understanding of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Yoga with more time for swimning, boating, hiking, soaking at the hot springs, and making new friends.

This years cast of characters includes Martin Melish, Roger Cloutier, Pamela Melish, Stephanie Morrell, Rex Long, and other secret guests.

This year the retreat will go from Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon. Full Retreat details and sign up form can be found at gilmanstudio.com
Best Wishes,

Best Wishes,

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