July 10 , 2007

Greetings. I want to let you know about a few new DVDs that I am really excited about. I also want to let you know about the upcoming summer workshops. Thank you for taking the time to look this over. Visit the Gilman Studio Store now for more information and to order materials.

New DVDs
The Ultimate Reference Series for the Yang Style Long Form – Four Hours of DVDs - ($35 US or $40 International)

This series covers four one-hour lessons produced in 2007. The lessons cover four important principles for working with the internal energy aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. Firstly, the principle is introduced, and explained in detail. Secondly, the entire Long Form is shown with attention to this specific principle.

1) Feet. Learn how to gather energy into the inside of the foot and release it from the heel. Essential for balance, power, relaxation, and chi/energy awareness.

2) Kua or Hips. Gathering and releasing energy from the hip area and integrating this with the feet and waist. Improved performance in all aspects of form, push hands, and any movement.

3) Torso and Eyes. Correct torso alignment during all aspects of each movement – start or yin, middle or balanced, and final or yang. Also, shows how the eyes affect the energy - the yin/yang of the eyes.

4) Hands. The many different types of hand postures are explained, and this knowledge is integrated into the form.

Inner Journey DVD –- ($20.00 US or $25 International)
This one hour DVD covers the same four important internal aspects as the Ultimate Reference Series. The difference is that this DVD uses only one movement to illustrate how these principles are integrated into one’s practice.

Inner Secrets DVD ($20.00 US or $25 International)
This one-hour video covers many of the important internal aspects of Tai Chi mastery. Touching on many of Michael’s unique ways of looking at the form, this DVD mostly focuses on the deepest internal system – that of the three dantiens. Dantiens are reservoirs for energy, with each of the dantiens responsible for a different density of internal energy. Each movement of Tai Chi Chuan is dependent upon the interaction of the dantiens and the appropriate movement of energy between them. This information is then demonstrated and explained using several moves to illustrate how to make your practice reach much deeper levels.

Long Form Changes, Modifications, Clarifications – 2007 – DVD - ($20.00 US or $25 International)
This video teaches all the changes, modifications, and clarifications for the Long Form as of the summer of 2007. The original TV and web course was taught from 2002 to 2004, so there are many aspects that have needed to be updated. The entire form is shown with the changes explained, with applications, as they arise.

Chi Kung Seies — Chi Kung for the Internal Organs DVD
($20 US or $25 International)
The Five Major Organs - Liver,Heart, Stomach/Spleen, Lungs, andKidneys - are cleansedand strengthened using breath andguided imagery.This healing exercise is best practicedon a seasonal basis.Easy to follow for people of allages and physical conditions.

Summer Workshops
First Saturday of the Month Push Hands – 1 to 4 PM – Gilman Studio Open to any student of any form of Tai Chi.

July 14 – Grasp the Bird’s Tail – 1 to 4 PM - Gilman Studio
An in depth study of the basic energies and movements that comprise Grasp the Bird’s Tail, namely Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, and Push. Working on applications, principles, and posture to more fully understand and master these moves. For all Tai Chi styles and levels.

August 11 – Chan Ssu Jin – 1 to 4 PM – Gilman Studio
This is a practice unique to Tai Chi. It covers one of the most basic and interesting Jins, or expressions of energy, namely Silk Reeling Energy. This practice harmonizes the body, opens the joints, and explains the yin and yang aspects of Tai Chi movement. We will work with solo as well as partner exercises. It is a great way to strengthen the lower dantien and harmonize the three dantiens. Open to all styles and levels.

August 25 – Inner Journey – 1 to 4 PM – Gilman Studio
We will strengthen our connection to the internal principles that make Tai Chi such a powerful exercise. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the yin and yang, open and close, gather and release, empty and full elements of the Tai Chi form. The principles apply to all forms, but we will focus on the Yang Style. All levels welcome.

For more information, please contact me at michael@gilmanstudio.com.

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