July 7, 2006

Greetings. I have just finished an important project. I hope you will take the time to read about it. Thanks.

Special offer on Yang Style Long Form Applications
Four  one hour video series

This four hour series is surely one of the most complete and comprehensive studies of applications for the long form. Each movement is shown solo, then the applications and principles are explained and demonstrated, and then the solo form is shown again for integration of information.

This is an essential video set for serious students of the Yang Style. Mastery of Tai Chi is only possible with an understanding of how intention effects chi flow and this set clarifies intention.

Introductory special - only $40 for the complete set. Order today at the online store at gilmanstudio.com, or call Michael at 360 385-5027.

Labor Day Energetic Retreat reminder—Sept.1- 4, 2006
Sign up now for the 9th Annual Labor Day Retreat at Lake Crescent. It is always a wonderful event and a great time to get together with Tai Chi players of all levels for shared learning and fun. Beautiful, serene site, fabulous food, inspired instruction, and a supportive atmosphere. What more could you want?

To sign up, go to gilmanstudio.com or call 360 385-5027.

San Shou Workshop — Sat. July 8 1-4 pm
Our study of the Partner Form continues. If you missed the first workshop it is still possible to join. Call Michael at 360 385-5027 for information.

Michael in Europe
Michael will be in Italy and Croatia from Sept. 20 to Oct. 6. He will be presenting workshops, meeting with instructors of the International Society of Tai Chi Chuan Instructors, students, and friends. If you are interested in meeting Michael, please contact him. Meeting his online students means a lot to him.

Best Wishes,

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