May 27 , 2005

Greetings. Wow! It seems like summer around here already. Want to let you know about a few workshops that we will be offering for your Tai Chi pleasure. Also don't forget about the Energetic Retreat. Coming right up.

Hun Yun Gong with Stephanie Morrell
Sunday June 5, 9-11am at Chetzemoka Park.

Stephanie has been working on this form regularly (7 years study with Madame Gao Fu) and loves it. She is presenting a two hour learning practice on Sunday, June 5, from 9 to 11 am in Chetzemoka Park (map on web site). All are welcome. There is no fee but donations are welcome. This is a good chance to go through the entire 12 movements with complete repetitions.

Workshop Fee: Free, with donation optional.

Yang Style Applications with Michael
Sat. June 18, 1- 4pm at The Gilman Studio.

As we all know, Intention is the Master Key to Tai Chi. Knowing applications clarifies intention and brings real meaning to the form. We will be focusing, in depth, on the basic moves of Grasp the Bird's Tail since they express the essential energies (Peng, Lu, Ghee, An) of most of the form. Any level welcome.

Fee: $30

Duei La with Michael
Sat. July 16, 1- 4pm at The Gilman Studio.

Duei La is concered with balancing the energy - internal and external - to achieve mastery in Tai Chi Chuan. It is absolutly essential to have this understanding if you want to move beyond random movement or just copying shapes. Duei La is very dependent on intention which is why I offered that workshop first. Even if you couldn't make the Applications workshop you will gain essential information for your practice.
Any level welcome.

Fee: $30

Iím presently writing a book about Duei La and have produced what I feel is an essential video on the subject. Please go to the Gilman store at to order the VHS or DVD. You wonít be disappointed.

Best Wishes,

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