May 18, 2006

9th Annual Energetic Retreat — Sept.1- 4, 2006
Join your friends in a wonderful weekend of relaxation, exploration, sharing, and learning in one of the most beautiful, peaceful environments - Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park, Washington State.

Choose from a variety of classes on Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Yoga taught by teachers who love to share their knowledge. Do a lot or just swim, boat, hike and relax. The food is the finest available.

This years special event will be ChiCycling Instructors Certification. Wherever ChiCycling is introduced, it is a big hit. Certification will be optional for any who choose to do the classes.

Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. $295, all inclusive.
You may sign up at, or call Michael at 360 385-5027.

San Shou (Partner Form) Workshop Series
First Sat of Each Month Starts June 3 1- 4pm

We will start our in depth study of the "King of Tai Chi forms"- the partner form. Two 44 movement forms fit together to explain the applications and principles of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. Can be practiced as a solo form. Should probably take 6 to 10 classes for completion depending upon circumstances. Students must have finished learning a solo form, or with instructor's permission. There is an excellent 4 hour DVD available to aid in learning this great form.

The cost is $30 for each three hour workshop. If interested, contact Michael at or call 360 385-5027.

New Video Series — Yang Style Applications
A very in depth study of the applications for the Long Form. Each movement is examined first as a solo form, then the applications are presented, along with the underlying principles. The solo form is then presented again so the student can look at it with the applications in mind.
This series is much more informative since Michael's form contains variations for each repeated movement. So instead of just one application for Single Whip, for example, Michael presents applications for 10 different variations.
The first in the series goes from Movement #1 through # 19. The second from #20 through #45. The third is from # 46 to #78. The fourth, to be finished on May 31, will take us to the end the form.

Each 60 minute DVD is $25, or two for 40, three for 50, the set for $60. I should have it up at the online store soon at or contact me now at 360 385-5027.

Studio Classes
This year we will attempt to do our evening classes in Chetzemoka park. This will start on June 5th. The same schedule applies.
New beginning Yang Style Long Form class - Tuesdays at 5pm.
Partner Sword - Thursdays at 5 pm

Check out the full schedule at

Online Class and Featured Articles
I'm still working on the Tui Shou or Push Hands course. It is being posted slowly but I feel really good about the content. Check it out.

The new section - Featured Articles - will have it's first article posted very soon. It is on the complete study of the Yang Style foot and leg techniques. It explains all the essential principles and is the most complete guide I have seen. Please check soon. I also have a couple of other very informative articles to be posted soon.

Michael in Europe
Michael will be in Italy and Croatia from Sept. 20 to Oct. 6. He will be presenting workshops, meeting with instructors of the International Society of Tai Chi Chuan Instructors, students, and friends. If you are interested in meeting Michael, please contact him. Meeting his online students means a lot to him.

Best Wishes,

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