April 11, 2005

Greetings. Spring is here, and Chi is busting out all over (corny, but true). This is my favorite time of the year. I have renewed energy to accomplish my goal of helping people learn, heal, and attain self mastery. I appreciate your taking a few minutes to read this over.

Sam Masich, Across The Great Water
May 7th (Port Townsend) & May 8th (Seattle) for Push Hands fun as only Sam can deliver!

We welcome back Sam Masich to the great Puget Sound for an unusually combined weekend of uniquely addressed Tai Chi topics: Push Hands Secrets & Push Hands and the Tai Chi Classics.

Sam Masich has learned from many of the great masters from China and North America including Liang Shouyu, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Jou Tsung Hwa, Yang Zhenduo and Chen Xiao Wang. He has distinguished himself uniquely in competition as a quadruple gold medalist in both the United States All Taijiquan Championships and in the All American Tai Chi Championships. He has also been a septuple gold medalist at the U.S. Open Wushu Tournament and, as a member of Canadaís National Wushu Team, has competed twice in China garnering gold medals and praise for his performances in competitions and demonstration. His work as a full time instructor has, in the past 18 years, taken him to over 100 cities and towns around the world.

Push Hands Secret with Sam — Saturday, May 7th, 10 AM - 4 PM
Hosted by Gilman Studio, Port Townsend, WA

In this session Sam will cover some important areas, but often overlooked aspects of Push Hands training and freestyle practice. Learn some of the tricks behind the techniques behind the principles.

For more info on any of the events contact Michael Gilman
or call (360) 385-5027

Push Hands & Tai Chi Classics with Sam
Sunday, May 8, 10AM - 4PM In Seattle, WA —
Hosted by Embrace The Moon
Contact: Kim Ivy 206-789-0993 or kim@embracethemoon.com

The Tai Chi Classics have informed and guided practitioners of all styles for over a century and a half. In this class we will explore Push Hands practices in a way that unlocks several difficult passages from the ancient literature.

Class fee: $75 each or $125 for both
Make your checks to Michael Gilman or Sam Masich

Duei La - Key to Mastering the Internal Arts
Duei La is a Chinese term meaning ìbalance of internal forcesî or the interaction of yin and yang in relation to body dynamics. Master Gao Fu, a true master of this aspect of practice, was the one who really turned me onto the importance of always balancing all the internal aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

The concept is one of being totally natural, as all natural athletes use this skill, most without being aware that they are. For the rest of us, this internal energy balancing can and must be trained in order to master Tai Chi form, push hands, and other internal arts.

Iím presently writing a book about Duei La and have produced what I feel is an essential video on the subject. Please go to the Gilman store at www.gilmanstudio.com to order the VHS or DVD. You wonít be disappointed.

8th Annual Labor Day Energetic Retreat — Sept 2-5, 2005
Once again the beautiful mountain Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park invites us to relax, learn, share, explore, and enjoy our energy practice in the clear, clean skies of this wonderful Park setting. This year we are slowing down the pace a bit with not as many scheduled classes and more time for sharing and practicing. Iíll be leading the Opening the Gates Chi Kung and my work with Duei La, as well as form, push hands, partner work, and weapons. There will be many teachers in attendance who are more than anxious to share what they know. This will be a good retreat to get clear on problem areas, or places you feel stuck in.

Bella Italia will be providing the delicious food as usual, and that is reason enough to attend. Donít forget that there are hot springs close by, wonderful hiking, swimming, canoeing, as well as so many new and old friends with whom to play.

So put it down on your calendar, check the web site soon for all the details. I sincerely hope you can make it. Read about last year's retreat!

Spring Schedule Starts May 1
Most of the schedule remains the same — Opening the Gates every morning, two Chi Kung classes, push hands, and partner form. The 108 classes change times as we add three new beginning classes — Tues noon with Stephie, Tues 6pm with Rex in Hadlock, and Thurs 6 with Michael. We will also have two new second section classes — Wed 6 with Michael and Thurs 6 with Rex in Hadlock. Sat in the Park remains a favorite, especially as the weather improves.

Best Wishes,

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