March 10, 2006

Greetings. Good news! I have finally figured out that all of you who have signed up for the newsletter in the last year weren't getting them because I didn't realize that when you signed up you weren't automatically entered into the data base. That has been fixed. In any case, welcome to the newsletter. I hope you find some helpful information about the Gilman Studio and it's events.

I have finally introduced ChiCycling to the world at large. I presented a seminar at the Pacific Elite Friendship Meet in Vancouver, and ChiCycling was greeted with much enthusiasm. I feel so strongly that this system will become very popular, as it is easy to learn, fun to practice, extremely effective in cultivating and moving Chi, and can have lasting effect.
I want to share this work and provide an easy to learn and teach system for existing teachers, or for people interested in getting started in their Internal arts teaching career. A certification training is a one day workshop. If you are interested in becoming certified, and/or sponsoring a workshop, please contact me at

Also, the Labor Day Energetic Retreat, September 1 - 4, 2006, will feature a certification training as one of the events this year, details coming soon to the website.

Europe Trip
I am presently planning a fall trip to Europe, and will be presenting workshops and meeting with students. For now, I have been invited to Italy, England, Spain, and Croatia. If you are in any of these countries, or any other European country and would like a workshop presented, it can be arranged for a very fair price, as I will already be there. I can offer half day, or one or two day workshops on any Tai Chi or Chi Kung subject. Contact me with any ideas.

International Society Of Tai Chi Chuan Instructors
I want to welcome the new members in this growing society. We are supporting each other in our love of teaching Tai Chi Chuan. Our first meeting will be held in Venice, Italy at the end of September. Society members - please contact me for further information. Also, if you are a Tai Chi Chuan instructor or know of one whom you respect, please have them contact me at:

New Videos
The video library continues to grow. I have produced almost 70 hour long videos (some are packaged together, like the Master Course which is 40 hours). The Gilman Studio Store now lists videos under either Tai Chi Chuan or Chi Kung for ease of finding what you need or want. The latest videos I'm very excited about are:

1) Applications for the Yang Style Long Form - Vol.1. 60 minute DVD
This is a very requested video explaining the principles of Tai Chi applications and giving examples for each movement. It is very complete and will end up being three or four DVDs. This volume covers the first section.
2) Eight Essential Energies Tai Chi Chi Kung - 60 minute DVD
This video teaches the eight essential energies ( Ward Off, Roll Back, Press, Push, Pull Down, Split, Elbow and Shoulder), and then examines them in a Chi Kung fashion. This video is valuable to Tai Chi and Chi Kung students and is a beautiful bridge between the two.

If you haven't visited the store in a while, please check it out. You'll be surprised how much information is offered there.

New Web Site Feature
Starting soon, I will be adding a new feature to the site. It is called Featured Articles. It will consist of articles I have written on the subjects of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and will be detailed, informative, and instructive. I'm sure you will enjoy these. Putting them on my site is easier then submitting to magazines and they will reach a larger audience here. Each month, the Gilman Studio web site grows. I really appreciate your support.

Best Wishes,

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