March 9 , 2007

It has been a while since I have contacted you. I want to let you know of a few things that might interest people who love Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I hope you take the time to look this over. Thanks.

New Articles
I have recently posted some new articles on my site. I am proud of the articles on the use of the feet and hands. I don?t think anyone else has put all this together in a short, reference format. Please look these over carefully if you want to master the form. I look forward to receiving your feedback about these topics.

I also have postings on push hands, which is one of my great loves. I also included an article about teaching Tai Chi to young people. I hope you check the site from time to time, as I am planning on using this place for articles I think you would be interested in.

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New DVD prices starting in April
Due to the overwhelming response to my DVD offerings, I have decided to lower my prices. Single DVDs will be $20 in the US and $25 International which includes shipping and handling. Double DVD sets are now $30 and $35, four DVD sets $40 and $50, and the Master Course, which consists of 10 four hour DVDs, is now $200! This, I feel, is an incredible bargain for the most comprehensive Tai Chi course on DVD.

I will also shortly be releasing several new DVDs on the inner work of the form. I am very excited about this material as it contains ideas not usually talked about or taught.

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I have decided not to present a Labor Day Energetic Retreat this year. My schedule of classes, workshops, trips, and family just won't allow any more activities this year. I'm sorry for all the regular attendees, but I feel certain we will be back together the following year. I'll keep you posted.

To read about last year's retreat, go to the Events section at

Best Wishes,

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