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February 24, 2005

What an exciting time for me and the Studio. The Teacherís Trainings for Tai Chi Chuan and Energetic Releasing Technique are up and running with the Chi Kung Instructorís coming very soon. My dream of helping people realize their own dream of having a career doing what they love is happening now. Please visit the web site ñ and go to Teachers Training for all the details. Even if you arenít interested in teaching, I know youíll find the curriculum for the Tai Chi course informative

Open the Gates Chi Kung Workshop and Instructor Training
Opening the Gates might just be the perfect exercise system ñ complete, relaxing, and energizing. It is my most popular class ñ 7 to 8 am each morning. This class is easy to learn, easy to practice and easy to teach. It requires little space and no equipment. It is perfect for instructors at health spas, fitness facilities, martial arts studios, community colleges, retirement facilities, cruises, etc. If you want to get started in a career in the health field, this might be an excellent way.

The training is divided into two days. Sat. March 12 from 10 to 4 is ìlearn the systemî day. We will examine each exercise, discuss the benefits and cautions if any, and have fun doing it. This is for anybody interested in learning for themselves, or going onto the teacher training. The cost is $75.00.

Sun. March 13 from 10 to 4 is for those interested in teaching. We will look closer at each movement and practice teaching to our fellow students. At the successful conclusion, the student will be awarded an Open the Gates Instructors certificate which will allow the individual to teach with the help and blessing of the International Center for the Healing Arts. The cost is $75.00. Please contact Michael for sign up ñ 360 385-5027.

Energetic Releasing Technique
Energetic Releasing Technique is the table work portion of Open the Gates. The client or student lies on a table and is guided, by the hands of the practitioner, to relax, open, and let go into total integration of body and mind. This is an educational experience, not just a massage. The practitioner actually shows the client how to be different. It can be, and usually is, a profound learning experience for both people.

On Feb. 27 from 10 to 4 we have our first practitioner qualification workshop. It is for students who have finished the initial training. It is also a good day for qualified practitioners, and those who have finished the training to hone their skills. Cost is $50.00

The next ERT training will be held April 23, 24, 30 and May 1. If interested sign up now, read more about it at the web site, or call Michael at 360 385-5027.

Sam Masich Workshop May 7 and 8
We are honored to once again have one of the greatest instructors in the Tai Chi world visit the Gilman Studio (and one of our sister studios in Seattle ñ Embrace the Moon) to lead us in an exploration of the incredible art of Tui Shou or Push Hands. I know of no one with Samís depth of knowledge and abilities and I have met many masters in this art.

This is collaboration between Sam, Kim Ivy and me to offer a unique and fun weekend. Sat. May 7 will be at my studio ñ 10 till 4. This is followed by Sunday at Kimís studio. The exact details will be posted soon, but make sure to reserve the time ñ either one or two days.

New DVDs/ All tapes now on DVD
I have added several DVDs to the list of available resources for students of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. Iím especially excited about a show I did on Duei La or the deep internal work of Tai Chi. I feel it makes the form and push hands complete, balanced and alive. As far as I know, there is nothing like it on tape or DVD.

I have also added DVDs on The Five Animal Frolics and Yi Jin Jing (tendon stretching/bone strengthening). Both of theses are clear and simple to learn from.

By now almost all of my video tapes are also available DVD for the same price, which is amongst the most reasonable anywhere. You can get these video aids from me or at the web site store. Please go to the store and check for more details.

Push Hands Continues/ Congratulations Linda
The first Saturday Push Hands continues on March 5 and April 1, followed by the Sam Masich workshop in May. I am very proud of Linda Kelsch for taking two gold medals at the Elite Tournament in Vancouver on Feb. 19. She won for fixed and moving steps. She really looked good and solid. Show up to our workshops and youíre almost guaranteed a gold if you compete.

Best Wishes,

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