January 6 , 2006

Great news! The Gilman Studio web site has reached two million hits in one year! People from all over the globe are visiting my site, studying the free online courses, contacting me with questions and comments, and purchasing DVD?s, tapes, and books from the online store. This is my dream come true. Thank you all so much for your support. It helps to confirm for me the direction I want to be devoting more time to - namely distance learning leading to Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung Teacher Certification.

Studio news
New classes start the week of January 23. We will have three beginning Tai Chi classes a week, two Chi Kung, a second and third section, and a special treat this semester — Yang Style Saber. This is always been one of my favorite forms. There are excellent reference materials available to compliment this class in the form of the online class and an excellent video. Please look at the schedule online for exact times.

Push Hands—The first Sat. Push Hands workshop continues. Jan.7, Feb.4, and Mar.4 from 1 to 4 pm. Please come and join us to learn and practice this essential Tai Chi exercise.

Yoga class at the Studio
Terry Wagner has recently relocated to Port Townsend and will be offering a weekly class. Her write up follows:

Stretching the Meridians
Learn how energy becomes blocked emotionally and physically and how gentle yoga postures and breathing techniques restore health and harmony and increase flexibility, strength and balance. We will explore ways imbalances can manifest when the life force is blocked, as well as learn Yoga postures and breath work to specifically facilitate the harmonious flow of energy through each of the body's interconnected energetic pathways.

Terry Lynn Wagner, M. Ed. (Psychological Foundations of Education)
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hour level)
Licensed Massage Professional
Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher

"I specialize in balancing the mind/body/spirit connection and increasing the energy flow. Drawing on over 30 years experience as a student and teacher of Western Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and various styles and systems of Yoga, I have developed an integrative approach to Bodywork. My teaching methods are introspective and interactive, exploratory and expressive. My intention is to share these ancient techniques to help others increase awareness and well-being."                    
Terry Wagner

Mon. 6-7:30 p.m. Jan. 23—Feb. 27
Cost: $50 for the series of 6 classes. $10 per class for drop ins.
Phone: 360-379-4155
Contact: sourcepoint@earthlink.net

2nd Annual Pacific Elite Tai Chi and Internal Arts Friendship Meet and Championships
This year should be even better than last years great event. There are special seminars - I will be teaching ChiCycling as well as judging the Push Hands tournament. Yang Jun is the special guest and will be there to present a workshop on the 10 Essentials. There is also a fun, informative and lively tournament for forms and push hands. So make plans to attend for sure. Contact www.wushufestival.com for all the details.

Tuning the Spine - Sound Chi Kung Workshop
with Susan Skadron
Sat., Feb. 18th, 2006 1-4 P.M.      Cost: $30/$25
Come learn how to use your voice in a further exploration of sound chi kung. In this workshop we will learn to find a resonance between our voice and the spine. In doing so we create a physical vibration in the spine and work from the base up through the brain, allowing us to clear the spinal pathway and central nervous system of energy blockages. In this way it is possible to release subluxations and become much more conscious and free of the past throughout the central nervous system. Since all of our reactions, decisions, and movements process through this system, this practice can greatly enhance your life. Self work and partner work will be explored. No musical ability or prior healing experience necessary!

Student of the Year
This year I am honoring a very special person who I have never met in person. Her name is Magdalena Zivkovic and she lives in Pleternica, Croatia. She has been studying with me for the past year online and has proven that with dedication, hard work, and an open mind, one can accomplish anything, even learn Tai Chi Chuan over the internet. She started just with the online lessons, and then purchased the reference video. She learned the short form, and then sent me a video of her performance for me to make corrections. I was so impressed, and felt like a father whose child just did something wonderful. She is now working on the Long Form using the 40 hour Master Course DVD series. I expect great things from her in the future. It is people like Magdalena who bring so much satisfaction to my life. Thank you one and all. So even if you don't have a teacher near by, you can learn Tai Chi and reach the highest levels.

Best Wishes,

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