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Lesson 23:

This Lesson Contains:

Movement #23 – Hit A Tiger At Left

   This is another movement from the Long Form. I use bare hand, and or, saber pommel. The opponent, using her bare hand, attacks me with a back fist to my upper body. I neutralize this down using the saber handle. I then open up her center using the saber handle and follow with a fist to her ribs. I could also attack her right temple with my saber pommel.




   1) Stephie attempts a back fist strike to my upper body.

   2) I step down and use the saber handle to join and stick.      




   1) I continue sticking and lead her right arm down and out using my saber handle.

   2) Continuing to lead her arm up and out, I open her center and step to get ready for my attack.




   I deliver a strong strike to her ribs with my right hand. I could also strike her right temple with my saber pommel.




My energy is returning to the center and I start to relax.

   Let the two arms relax and let the palms start to rotate to face inward. Keep the leg up.

   Focus on the center.





 Joining and Leading.

   Step down the right foot, touching the heel. The toe faces halfway between north and east. Don’t add weight yet. The torso turns to the same direction.

   The right hand drops down the front of the body and makes a fist by the right side of the waist, palm up.

   The left saber hand rotates in a clockwise circle, pivoting at the elbow. At this point, the saber is basically parallel to the ground in front of the belly.

   Focus on the saber handle for joining.





Sticking and leading to open the opponent.

   Shift the weight onto the right foot and roll up onto the left toe. The torso continues to face the direction the right toe is headed.

   The right hand remains in a fist by the side of the waist.

   The left arm continues to rotate clockwise and is now down by the left hip, fairly extended.

   Focus on the saber handle for leading.  






Opening the opponent.

   Step forward and to the left with the left foot, touching down the heel. The toe faces slightly to the left of north. Don’t add weight yet. Remember that you are stepping to the left of the opponent.

   The right fist remains by the side of the waist.

   The saber continues to circle up clockwise and ends about temple high on the left side of the body. You could be striking with the pommel at this point.

   Focus on the saber handle for leading and possible strike to opponent’s temple.




Striking the opponent in the ribs with the right fist.

   Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the torso until it faces the direction the toe is headed (slightly to the left of north).

   The right fist moves with the torso and ends on the right center side of the lower chest level. Palm twists from palm up to palm facing inward.

   The left hand remains in the same basic place. It squeezes inward at the same time the right fist punches to provide balance and extra power.

   Focus on the right fist and the left hand Duei La.

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