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Yang Style Saber Application Form

Tai Chi Chuan


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Lesson 8:

This Lesson Contains:

Poke To The Neck

†† My good friend and teaching brother, Andy Dale (, taught me this form. It is his names I use. Iím not sure where he got them. I tend to call this movement Cut To The Neck. In any case, this is a very quick, flick of the saber toward the neck or head. The opponent opened this part of her body to my attack as she blocked my thrust. Once again, I donít move my foot position.


Starting the cut or flick.

†† The torso starts to turn to the right. Keep the weight on the right foot.

†† The left hand stays to the rear. The right hand makes a counterclockwise twist as the arm moves up and to the right. Most of the speed of this movement comes from the elbow, not the shoulder.

†† Focus on the target.



The cut is complete.

†† The torso faces north. The saber points halfway between north and east. No foot changes.

†† The right arm has completed its movement to the right and up to neck level. The cutting edge faces to the right. The right arm is well extended without being locked. There is a nice balance with the left hand. Notice the line from the right saber point, down the right arm, through the body and out the left arm to the hand. Beautiful.

†† Focus on the cutting edge.

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