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Lesson 80:


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 82 – Slanting Flying

   This is an application from the Yang Style Two Person Form. The opponent strikes with his right hand. I lead it to the right, step behind the opponent, and then throw him over my leg. The form foot movement is a little tricky, but if practiced with a partner, becomes clearer.




   Yoshi approaches from my right side. I move into center position.

   Following Repulse Monkey, open the right hip to the right by turning the torso. The right toe just clears the left foot and the toe faces north. The torso faces halfway between north and west.

   The right hand drops straight down to end in front of the crotch. The left hand circles up to end by the left shoulder. You are in center position.

   Focus on energy in the center.





   Yoshi strikes toward my center with his right fist. I join, stick, and start to lead the strike to the right. I am also starting to step behind him.

   Sinking deeper into the left foot, lift up the right foot. This is part of stepping forward. You are not actually going to be holding the leg up in the air. The pictures are of the transition to stepping forward.

   As you lift the leg, the left palm presses straight down to end at about waist level at the center. The right arm lifts with the palm upward until it is slightly higher then the left hand. The lifting happens by the elbow bending. I want the right on top of the left so I can use it for attack without being blocked by my left arm.

   Focus on the left palm for joining.





   I step behind Yoshi’s leg, and join with my right forearm to his right shoulder.

   Step down the right heel with the toe facing north. Be sure to step wide enough to the right to provide a solid base of support and brake for your intended forward movement.

   The left palm continues to press slightly downward. The right hand lifts to shoulder height and starts to open outward at the elbow.

   Focus on the left palm for sticking, the right forearm for sticking, and the correct placement of the right leg.

Note: I am allowing Yoshi’s strike to continue in, and at the same time, I step behind him. He is now trapped and attempts to retreat out of the situation.





   As Yoshi retreats, I apply an outward expanding energy to throw him over my right leg. I could easily have used my right forearm for striking to his neck.

   Shift the weight to the right foot and turn the torso to the right until the toe, knee, and torso face north.

   The two arms split the energy and move in opposite directions. The right arm opens outward to end in line with the right knee. The palm faces upward. Keep the elbow slightly to the right of the palm.

   The left hand opens to the left and down to end by the left hip. The palm faces downward.

   Focus on the right forearm expanding outward and the left palm balancing the energy.



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