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Lesson 73:

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 74 – Wave Hands Like Clouds

   This is the second variation of Clouds Hands. The footwork, number of steps to the side, and arm movements are quite similar to Movement # 37. Here I use a hip width stance instead of the usual shoulder width. The opponent grabs my right wrist with his right hand. I turn to the right, and using Chan Ssu Jing, twist his arm into an uncomfortable position. I then step behind him and throw him over my leg. I show only one application and part of this movement. It is then repeated three times, as was the previous Clouds Hands movement.




   Yoshi grabs my right wrist with his right hand.

   Following Single Whip, sink the weight deeper into the left foot. Don’t lean forward.

   As you sink the weight, allow the right arm to circle down by the right hip and then up to the front, about upper chest level. The hook opens as the arm starts down and the palm faces to the left.

   The left hand relaxes but stays up at the level it was.

   Focus on the right wrist where partner grabs you.

Note: The application picture starts with Yoshi just grabbing me. It doesn’t necessarily follow Single Whip. The form picture is the transition from Single Whip into Clouds Hands.




   I turn to the right and start to grab Yoshi’s wrist.

   Shift the weight back onto the right foot and as you do, turn the torso to the right until your body faces north. Be careful not to lean to the right. Near the end of the turn, the hip is pulled to the right, which allows the left foot to pivot on the heel until the toe faces north. At this point the feet are parallel.

   The right hand moves with the body to the right and rotates to end with the palm facing out by the right side of the chest. The left arm drops down to end in front of the crotch.

   Focus on the right hand.

Note: This movement is dependant on Yoshi not letting go as I turn to the right. He ends up with a twisted wrist. If he lets go at this point, this application doesn’t work.




   I now add a pull and step behind him. I could easily break his elbow by pulling in with my right hand and thrusting out with my left forearm that is placed on his elbow.

   Turning the torso slightly more to the right, sink deeper into the right foot/Kua and step to the left as far as you can. The insides of the feet are still parallel. Do not lean to the right as you step. It is easy to do.

   The two hands remain in basically the same place in relation to the body. There is a feeling of expanding forward with the left forearm to attach to the opponent’s elbow. There is also a feeling of pulling to the right with the right hand.

   Focus on the right palm and left forearm.




   I counter attack. I can strike his chest/ribs with the back of my left forearm or throw Yoshi over my leg.

   Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the torso slightly to the left. The toes are facing north and the torso is just slightly to the left of north.

   The left arm expands upward and slightly outward and moves with the body to the left. The right hand is pulling outward and downward and ends by the right waist. If my left foot were in the front facing north, I would be in Ward Off Left. This movement is actually Ward Off to the left side.

   Focus on the back of the left forearm for Peng and the right hand for Duei La.






   The transition into the next repetition of Clouds Hands.

   Sinking into the left foot, bring in the right foot and place it hip width and parallel to the left foot. Both toes continue to face north throughout the next three steps to the left side.

   As you step, and slightly after, the right hand continues to circle left and then up in front of the body. The palm faces inward. It ends at the center of the chest, on the right side. Don’t let the arm move too far to the left or you will cross yourself up and cut the flow of energy into the right hand.

   The left palm opens a bit to the left, and turns palm down.

   Your arms are now in the same place as when you started. You now turn the torso to the right. The right hand stays at the upper level. The left hand circles down in front of the crotch. You then step to the side and repeat the Ward Off movement to the side. This is Cloud number one. Repeat two more times. End with the weight on the left foot, not yet bringing in the right foot.

   This is hard to describe in words. The two hands are making circles in front of the body as the torso turns to the left and right. Get the video for best results.


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