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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


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Lesson 8:

This Lesson Contains:

Movement #5 Ė Look for the Snake

†† A returns to the offensive with an attack to Bís leg. As he steps in for the strike, A has to be very careful to protect his head by making the roof with his cane. Notice the downward and outward angle of Aís cane.



†† Shift the weight onto the right foot, in preparation for stepping. You can roll up the left foot onto the toe. Body still faces the beginning direction.

†† The head of the cane is rotated up in a clockwise direction to gain the correct angle for protection. This is done mostly with the wrist. If you look at the application pictures, you should see that A sticks to Bís cane as he changes his cane angle.

†† Focus on sticking to Bís cane.



†† Step ahead with the left foot. The toe faces in the beginning direction. Donít shift the weight yet.

†† The right hand, holding the cane, comes up, slightly higher than the head. You are still sticking at this point.

†† Focus on sticking.

Note: Your objective is to step in and slightly to your left while protecting your head and body. At this point you are inside Bís defense so you are ready to attack.




†† Shift the weight onto the left foot until the knee just covers the toe. You face the beginning direction.

†† The cane snaps down in a counterclockwise direction to end with the tip about at knee level. The right arm should be fairly straight without being locked. The left hand is still attached to the right forearm. The striking energy comes from the center and is mostly expressed through the elbow and wrist. It is a quick flick of the arm.

†† Focus on the cane tip.

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