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Tai Chi Partner Cane Form


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Lesson 24:

This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 10 Drop the Stick and Movement # 11- Snake Bites the Neck

These two movements finish the form for B side. I have put both in one lesson as #10 is so short and these two really fit together nicely in one lesson. Firstly, A tries to attack the back of Bs leg so he quickly drops the stick to block. B then attacks As neck. There is then a transition changing B-side into A which I will show in the next lesson.



# 10 Drop the Stick

Shift the weight back onto the left foot and empty the right foot. The torso moves straight back, with the head turning a bit to the right. The body still faces north.

The cane drops straight down on the right, front side of the body. The left hand moves to the left to balance the movement.

Focus on the cane about a third of the way up from the tip.



# 11 Snake Bites the Neck

B is moving around to face in the opposite direction from which he started. He will end up facing the direction A started. Replace the right foot so that the toe faces about halfway between north and east. Put the weight onto the foot and roll up the left foot onto the toe. The torso turns to the right and now faces about halfway to east.

The cane is brought up to be in position to strike down on As neck. As it comes into position, it also protects the side of the body from attack. Dont hold onto the cane tightly or the right arm will be too stiff. Let the cane hang. The cane is held mostly with the thumb and index finger.

Focus on protecting the body.






The end of the form.

Step out with the left foot to face east. Be sure to step out enough to the left and forward to end up in the proper Bow stance. The left toe and torso face east. The right foot should be about a 45-degree angle to the forward direction.

The cane strikes down to the front. The tip should be about neck level with the cane at about a 45-degree angle. Keep the shoulders and elbows relaxed.

Focus on the tip.

Note: The next lesson will show the transition into A and/or a finish to the form.

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